Friday, April 25, 2014

6 Ways to Never Lose Anything!

1) Put things where you want to find them. Where you use them, like kitchen utensils next to your stove, or perhaps with other like items, such as paperclips, stapler, scissors and sticky notes all in the same drawer of your desk.

2) Assign a specific ‘home’ for a specific item. ‘Home’ for your keys might be your purse or a bowl by the door. “Home” for things you need to take to work could be a spot right by the door.

3) Reinforce location. Say out loud, “I put my keys on the hook,” or “The bills are in the first folder in the file cabinet”. Say it very quietly if you want, but say it. Making a verbal statement creates a link in your brain between the item and its location. You can say it silently, but out loud creates a stronger link.

4) Create a Routine. Give your brain a break, and write out the steps of something you do all the time, but seem to stumble with here and there. Focus on the steps every time you do them. Quicker than you expect, you won’t need to focus so hard.

5) When you find a lost gadget or whatsit put it back where you found it. After you’ve used it of course. Having found it once, you're more likely to find it again in that same place.

6) Make it stand out. I had a black canvas messenger bag that I used for organizing tools and supplies, and misplaced it frequently. Once it was left behind at a client’s home – and yes, it was a bit embarrassing. I found a colorful bag large enough to carry supplies. It’s easily seen, and I can use it as handbag when I’m not working.

P.S. If you've got a technique for keeping track of stuff, please share it with me! I'd love to pass a few tips along to my readers! (giving credit, of course)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

initial posting

Close to 22 years as a professional organizer, and here's a blog! Becoming organized, maintaining that sense of order, helping/guiding people into a lower stress, more accomplished, greater reach life is what I'm all about.